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Shell announces new synthetic Rotella engine oil

Shell Lubricants has announced the addition of the fully synthetic Shell Rotella T6 0W-40 to its range of commercial vehicle oil.

While it may seem a simple relaunch of an existing product, the major difference is that in its latest incarnation, the product now conforms to the API CK-4 standard. This relatively recent standard for heavy-duty diesel engines is generally thought to be a winning solution for the freight industry, with it offering better protection and fuel economy than previous standards.

Shell claims the new product offers a range of benefits over traditional counterparts. Firstly, when compared to a traditional SAE 15W-40 oil, its new T6 oil provides better flow at low temperatures. It also boasts superior wear protection, helping engines to live longer, and its low-ash formulation helps keep up the serviceable life of diesel particulate filters by controlling any poisoning or blocking of exhaust after-treatment devices. It is also very resistant to heat.

Speaking at an event, Shell Rotella’s global OEM technical manager, Dan Arcy, said the new oil has been formulated with extreme temperatures in mind:

“We’ve enhanced the oxidation on it to meet API CK-4 requirements, while maintaining the strong characteristics we had for piston deposit control, cleanliness and wear protection. Because it’s a 0W-40, it meets low-temperature requirements, but it also provides extreme protection for high-temperature, as a result of being a synthetic.”

The new version of Shell Rotella T6 0W-40 will be available for purchase at the start of next year.

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