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Shell could boost North Sea jobs

Royal Dutch Shell, the oil giant that manufactures Shell Tellus S2 M 46, could create hundreds of decommissioning jobs in the North Sea jobs as it gets ready to dismantle huge oil rigs located in the Brent oil field.

Shell recently submitted its decommissioning plans to the Department for Business and Energy Industrial Strategy. These include leaving the bases of the four huge structures found in bed of the North Sea, ending a 10-year project working out the best way to retire the maturing field once and for all.

The company, which recently sold off around £2.4bn in assets, would like to maintain its position as a central component of the North Sea’s continuing output, and is particularly interested in the 20 billion barrels of gas and oil still there for the taking in the region.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph about the decommissioning project, Shell UK county chairman Sinead Lynch said:

“There is no easy solution to this technical challenge….All this could sustain hundreds of jobs. And the skills and innovative technologies developed, along with the experiences gained, could be shared and exported as other ageing oil and gas platforms wind down production in other parts of the world.”

She also pointed out that Shell will ask for an exemption to international rules stating that the whole of a structure should be taken away from the sea bed, as Shell believes that this will have less of an impact on the environment and will be a safer option all round than a full removal.

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