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Shell head demands carbon price

The head of one of the biggest fossil fuel producers around the globe has pressed on governments to put a price on carbon.

At the LNG 18 conference, which took place in Perth and saw the world’s gas industry descend on Western Australia, Royal Dutch Shell’s Chief Executive Ben van Beurden stated that Liquefied Natural Gas was something that has to play a vital role in the war on climate change.

Over 3,000 delegates gathered at the event in Perth, with oil prices at a 10-year low and the very real prospect of an oil production glut in the near future.

Van Beurden, who will be conscious of oils use in products like Shell Tellus S2 M 46, addressed the assembled crowd, stating that current market conditions are difficult, with a huge amount of capacity under construction and weaker than predicted major economies, with the exception of growing China.

He also noted that current proven shorter term solutions in the fight against climate change were important. He added that using more natural gas was one of the things that could be used in the fight, due to its lower carbon count and relatively clean burning properties.

Indeed, Van Beurden firmly believes that gas is the natural successor to coal generated power, however, he thinks that this will only ever happen on a large scale if pricing of carbon comes into effect. Somewhat controversially, he believes that markets should play a key role in putting a price on carbon.

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