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Shell implements PayPal scheme

Oil giant Shell has announced the launch of a scheme called ‘Fill Up and Go’, which will allow those who have accounts with the online PayPal service to pay for Shell lubricants via mobile phones.

This scheme has already had its nationwide roll-out, and can be accessed using the ‘Shell Motorist’ mobile app. Once this has been downloaded to either an iOS or Android mobile device, it has to be linked with the user’s PayPal account, at which point a PIN with five digits is provided, for logging in.

The implementation of this means that when using a petrol station stocking Shell products, people can use the Fill Up and Go app to scan the pump with the QR code and decide how much they are prepared to pre-authorise.

The application displays a ‘start refuelling’ message on the mobile device, signalling that the fuel pump has been triggered by the app. The app also signals the pump to stop which dispensing when the chosen amount has been reached.

The user is billed only for the volume of petrol they have requested, and gets a receipt and transaction history, with loyalty points accrued through the Shell Drivers’ Club also accommodated by the app.

Shell began tests on the app with PayPal two years ago, followed by an initial roll-out to members of its Drivers Club during the spring. It marks the latest innovation from the company which has made its name with lubricants such as Shell Gadus S2 V100 3 and Shell Omala S2 G 320.

Information on the stations accepting the app is available on Shell’s website.

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