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Shell launches Helix HX8 0W20 motor oil

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Leading lubricant maker Shell has launched the latest addition to its range of engine oils for passenger cars, Shell Helix HX8 SP OW20. The new oil has been formulated specially to meet the needs of the turbocharged petrol direct injection (TPDI) engines that are increasingly being used in modern vehicles to achieve the lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency needed to meet increasingly strict regulations.

As you would expect from an advanced modern engine oil, Helix HX8 SP OW20 is fully synthetic. Where it differs from existing products is the inclusion of the Flexi Molecule Technology, which Shell claims provides greater protection by continually adapting to conditions in the engine. Shell also says the oil can help prevent low-speed pre-ignition, which can be damaging for TPDI engines.

Speaking at the product launch in India, Amit Ghugre of Shell Lubricants India said that with Shell being a leading supplier of lubricants:

“…we create future-ready products and solutions. We expect the Helix SP HX8 0W-20 segment to become consumers’ primary choice in the next few years, based on both OEM recommendations and a need for more fuel-efficient lubricants. With this product, we are strategically investing in future demand creation…”

Here at TrAchem, we can of course offer Shell’s range of automotive and industrial products, from the Shell Helix products for passenger vehicles, to the Shell Rimula range for trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles, as well as industrial fluids like Shell Heat Transfer. Contact our helpful team to learn more about Shell products.

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