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Shell Lubricants partners with Pitstop for contactless servicing

With the UK’s lockdown now well into its third month, many cars may be overdue for their service as their owners, particular those in a vulnerable category, may fear taking it into a garage. In India, Pitstop, a start-up based in Bengali, and Shell Lubricants have come together to provide a solution: contactless home servicing.

While some people may believe that a service is unnecessary if they’re not using the vehicle, passenger car engine oil can still degrade over time. To enable owners to service their vehicles while still avoiding unnecessary contact, Pitstop will be rolling out 500 vans in 20 cities in India.

Users will be able to book a service on the Pitstop app and select an available timeslot. On arrival, a mechanic will inspect the vehicle, perform an oil change, and complete any other actions included in the selected package before sanitising the vehicle. All payments are processed online, so no human contact is necessary.

The national head of Shell Lubricants India, Raman Ojha, said about the new partnership:

“The Shell–Pitstop partnership will create a new ecosystem through which consumers will be able to avail safe zero-contact doorstep services for their cars via an app-based platform, and mechanic partners will get access to jobs and training through it.”

Pitstop is offering a range of packages from air conditioning sanitisation to full services. It also provides a Revive package that includes checking important components to ensure a vehicle is safe before taking it back on the road. If lockdown continues too much longer, it may be that we see something similar here in the UK in future.

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