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Shell Lubricants unveils new bike oil in India

Royal Dutch Shell has recently launched a new synthetic bike oil, which has been specially formulated to perform well in high-capacity bikes.

The company, which is already known for its oil-based products like Shell Gadus S2 V100 3, and which has recently merged with fellow global oil giant British Petroleum, launched Shell Advance Ultra 15W-50 at the same time as bike manufacturers launched new high-capacity bikes in India.

The new lubricant is being retailed as 1,051 Indian rupees, or just over £11, for a one-litre receptacle. It will be on sale at motorcycle workshops, and automotive retailers across the country, as well as being available via the Indian branch of global e-retailer Amazon.

Speaking about the company’s latest synthetic oil, the Managing Director of Shell Lubricants India, Nitin Prasad, said:

“The heavy bike segment has witnessed an upward trend in the country. With India developing into a potential hub for premium super bikes, there is a great opportunity for a lubricant brand like Shell to bring technological expertise to this segment.”

Shell has created the item using its PurePlus technology, which works by taking natural gas and transforming it into a crystal-clear oil base, which will actively cleanse as it is used. This means that bikes using the oil will experience less wear and tear, due to the fact that dirt particles and sludge are kept apart in the machine.

Bikes using the newly launched oil will also benefit from cleaner movable parts and be more economical to run, says Shell.

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