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Shell resubmits plan for North Sea gasfield

The biggest oil and gas firm in Europe, Shell has announced that it has submitted to the Oil and Gas Authority a revised environmental plan for developing the Jackdaw gasfield, which lies offshore of Aberdeen.

The UK regulator rejected its previous plan last year on environmental grounds, but Shell says that it has adapted its chemical processes for the development to meet the regulator’s demands. Also working in Shell’s favour will be the revised energy transition strategy of the UK government, which will place greater emphasis on energy security through domestic energy production—including North Sea hydrocarbons and possibly even fracking—to reduce reliance on oil and gas exporters like Russia.

A spokesperson for Shell, which also makes lubricants like transmission oil, said:

“Jackdaw is expected to produce 6.5% of the UK’s North Sea gas—enough to heat 1.4 million homes—with operational emissions of less than 1% of the whole basin. It would help secure fuel supplies that UK homes and businesses will still rely on for years…”

The spokesperson added that this would buy time for Shell and other industry players to develop and scale up new solutions for a low-carbon future, including a carbon capture and storage installation that will be built where the gas from the Jackdaw field will arrive on shore. The project was also said to be likely to bring considerable economic advantages, with it being worth around £500 million to the supply chain in the UK. If approved, gas production is expected to begin in 2025.

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