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Should I use industrial oil or grease?

In order to get the most from your machinery, and to ensure that it functions at its maximum capacity, you will need to ensure that you are using the right kind of lubricant. Only then can you be certain that your equipment is able to reach its full potential and allow your business to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

In most cases, the equipment you purchase will come with a manufacturer’s requirement in regards to the best form of lubricant. However, this is not always set in stone. You will need to consider variables such as temperature, speed and wear experienced by the machinery, as well as its surrounding environment if you want to be absolutely sure you are using the correct industrial lubricant.

Oil or grease?

The main decision that you will need to make when deciding on an industrial lubricant for your machinery is whether to go for industrial oil or grease.

Using industrial oil

In most circumstances a good industrial oil, made by a company like Mobil or Fuchs, should be used for equipment that will be operating at high temperatures on a constant or near constant basis. This is recommended because using an oil is a good way of installing a circulation system which will go a long way to cooling your machinery and prolonging its life.

Industrial oil is also ideal for applications that are lubricated via a system reliant on a central oil supply – something that industrial greases aren’t suitable for.

Of course, even if you do determine that your system would benefit from the use of industrial oils, you must still take the time to choose the right oil for your machinery. A good oil is generally one which is chemically stable, protective against corrosion and which is of the right viscosity for your application.

Using industrial grease

Industrial greases are most commonly used in machinery that works at medium temperatures and more moderate speeds than fast-paced machinery.

Examples of machinery that could benefit from the use of a good industrial grease include wind turbines, where it would be difficult to maintain and manage an oil supply. As well as this, they are recommended for equipment which is either close to, or which produces, dirt and smoke. This is because grease is much better at protecting against them than oils.

When purchasing an industrial grease, you should always look for a product that allows a build-up of product and which can maintain its characteristics at high temperatures.

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