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Simply Blue and Total look to US wind market

France-based energy major TotalEnergies, the new name for Total, has teamed up with the Simply Blue Group to establish a joint venture for floating offshore wind projects in the United States.

While the UK has led the way in offshore wind power, thus enabling advancements in scale and the development of oil and grease lubricants that can provide lasting protection even in harsh marine environments, it has had the advantage that much of the North Sea is shallow enough to allow turbines to be mounted on fixed-bottom pylons.

The US, in contrast, has most of its potential wind resources located in deeper waters, so floating wind power has the potential to unlock these resources and provide renewable energy for millions of homes in the country.

TotalEnergies’ president for gas, renewables, and power, Stéphane Michel, said that by 2030, the company aims to have installed some 100 gigawatts of renewable energy generation capacity around the world:

“…part of which will come from floating offshore wind projects…We are convinced of the large potential of floating offshore wind to provide US coasts with renewable electricity, and are committed to contribute our extensive expertise in offshore projects to make it happen.”

The two companies have complementary expertise, with the Simply Blue Group having experience with floating wind turbines and TotalEnergies being experienced in deploying large-scale offshore wind projects. Simply Blue CEO Sam Roch-Perks said that floating wind power represented the next frontier for the offshore generation sector in the US.

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