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Slicker Recycling acquires Re:Group

Workshop waste and oil recycling company Slicker Recycler has acquired Re:Group, another oil recycling specialist based in Hull.

While advanced lubricants like the Mobil DTE 10 Excel range of hydraulic oil boast longer drain intervals, even the best lubricants ultimately need to be disposed of responsibly, preferably by being recycled into new products. Slicker Recycling is based in the West Midlands and is currently the biggest collector/processor of used oil lubricants in the UK with an annual turnover of £30m. The acquisition of Re:Group will allow it to further its presence around the country.

Re:Group employs about 50 people over three sites in the Hull area. It collects and processes oil lubricants that are no longer viable and reprocesses them. It can collect bulk waste up to 30,000 litres with its largest oil tankers and even provide a MARPOL waste collection service to ships at all major UK ports.

Slicker Recycling’s managing director, Mark Olpin, said about the deal:

“The acquisition of RE:Group is an excellent strategic fit, increasing our UK storage capacity, geographic reach, additional export options, innovative process capabilities and new products and services to offer our customers. RE:Group is a solid well-run business and we are extremely excited by the opportunities this acquisition provides.”

Paul Waine, who founded Re:Group in 1996 and currently manages it, also expressed his excitement at joining with Slicker Recycling, which he says has invested more than any other company in the sector. Waine will now join the board of Slicker’s parent company, Greenbottle.

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