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Supply chain award goes to Shell

Royal Dutch Shell, which makes Shell Gadus S2 V100 3 and Shell Tonna S3 M 68, recently bagged two awards at the Supply Chain Excellence 2016 awards.

Shell Lubricants was victorious in the supply and operations and manufacturing categories, with the victorious entry being for the company’s adoption of data analytics to carry out supply chain choices that maximise value as a piece of integrated business value program (IBV). This particular entry also reached the semi-finals at the SCM World Power of the Profession 2017 event, in which it was entered into the supply chain breakthrough section.

Speaking about the company’s awards win, Shell’s Vice President, Dennis Cheong, said:

“This is a proud moment for the Shell Lubricants supply chain organization, as we have been working hard to improve our competitiveness by unlocking value through digital innovations like data analytics and advanced planning tools. We all make decisions in supply chain every day, but not all of these decisions make efficient use of resources and create value.”

He also mentioned just how valuable IBV had been in helping the oil giant increase its returns.

Using IBV has made it possible for Shell Lubricants to advance towards interactive metrics in order to contribute wisdom about the value chain. IBV is also vital in simulating the aftereffects of choices made by the business, and improving opportunities that have a bearing on the company’s margins and returns as a whole. The results of the process, are shown in the accuracy of demand forecast, lower quantities of excess and dead inventory, and the overall robustness of the company’s product performance and portfolio.

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