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The best metalworking lubricants

As well as providing market leading engine oils for cars, the likes of Mobil, Fuchs, and Q8 produce lubricants that are tailor made for metalworking.

Formulated to provide the best performance and help ensure the quality of master metalworkers, they can also help drive up productivity.

Altogether, this can lead to a significant reduction in the overall costs for metalworking firms, whilst also playing a bit part in meeting health and safety requirements. Specially developed lubricants can also assist companies in maintaining their responsibilities to protect and improve the environment.

Typically, metalworking oils and lubricants from the top manufacturers are provided in three classifications: neat oils, synthetic coolants, and soluble coolants.

Neat oils

Neat oils help metalworkers increase productivity and performance, while meeting requirements laid down by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Synthetic coolants

Synthetic coolants are used in the metalworking industry primarily to enhance the quality of components in the processes being used. Also a major aspect in achieving HSE regulation compliance, they can help firms improve their environmental responsibilities considerably.

Used in the correct way, these synthetic fluids will also help drive down costs and boost productivity.

There are a number of ways that these synthetics achieve this, with the machining process improved across the board. This includes the speed of operation, the material-feed process, and the depth and accuracy of cutting that can be achieved.

Soluble coolants

Much as with their synthetic cousins, soluble coolants can be used to improve the cost effectiveness of the entire metalworking process and meet all regulations necessary.

Ideal for all processes, from general purpose works to more high-performance tasks, consulting with a high-end provider will ensure that the best lubricants and oils are used. Whenever neat, synthetic or soluble are demanded, a professional consultant will ensure the best compatibility for your operational needs.

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