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Three frequently asked questions, and answers, about motor engine oil

The lubricants used in a car are vital to its performance and longevity, providing one of the most fundamental aspects to everything running smoothly.

However, many people are often confused as to why it is so essential, so here are three of the most frequently raised questions that providers of the best motor engine oils in the world are asked:

Why is engine oil so important?

As well as providing lubrication to ensure parts work seamlessly together, one of the most important aspects of good engine lubricants is their ability to clean. That, more than anything else, keeps an engine smooth and offers protection. Engine oil also ensures that heat variations in a power unit are controlled, promoting performance and lifespan.

Top motor oil manufacturers such as Shell and Mobil design their products to offer the best cleaning and performance properties.

Why is the choice of motor oil so important?

As the above answer reveals, engine oil is essential to the running of a car. It is also vital to get the best performance and make it last. However, there are many different types of cars, and engines, on the market today, each designed to optimise their components exactly. It is no surprise, therefore, that many motors work better with one lubricant than another.

The wrong choice can see a car’s performance drop considerably, increase the wear on it, see components corrode more quickly, and leave dirt and debris blocking important parts. Consulting your vehicle manufacturer’s handbook for advice is sensible, as is choosing a top oil from a reputable firm, like Fuchs or Q8.

Which oil manufacturer makes the best engine oil?

With lubricant choice so important, using the one that your engine is optimised for is the best decision. Engines are increasingly designed alongside input from lubricant producers, so if in doubt, opting for one of the major firms may be the best bet.

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