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Three lubricants a metalworker shouldn’t be without

Metalworking can be hard work, so making matters as easy as possible when practical is a sensible step to take. Time can be saved and better final results can be achieved, while always having the right lubricant for the job ensures there is no drop in productivity.

There are host of oils and lubricants available for the metalworking trade, and every metalworker out there will likely have his or her favourite. The rule of thumb dictates, however, that some must be better than others and a manufacturer of quality industrial oils and lubricants, such as Fuchs, will usually produce three specific types. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at them:

Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) solutions are applied in small amounts. Comprising lubricants that are very high in lubricity, the contact point sees the oil mixing with air, providing near-dry machining.

It is not completely dry, however, with MQLs applying a micro-layer of oil that effectively reduces friction and heat. Eliminating the risk of thermal shock, the low-emission quality is also increasingly appreciated by modern metalworkers.

Neat cutting oils

Not being mixed with water, neat lubricants offer greater longevity of tool lifecycles. The surface finish is much improved too, while working at lower speeds is possible. Maintaining neat fluids is also quite straight forward, making them ideal for extending the life of coolants.

The perfect jobs to use neat oils on include deep-hole drilling, grinding, honing, and any difficult operation requiring work at low speeds. Fuchs, for example, offers an ECOCUT range specially designed to give high performance in tough environments.

Soluble cutting fluids

Soluble fluids are lubricants that are mixed with water to form an emulsion, which offers a high level of thermal conductivity. This allows them to handle hotter jobs than neat oils, while offering excellent cost savings as a result.

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