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Top tips for air compressor maintenance

Like all machines, air compressors need regular basic maintenance if they are to run efficiently and effectively for several years. Maintaining an air compressor has many similarities to maintaining the engine of a motor vehicle in that it is important to check oil levels, compressor parts and the air filter on a regular basis. It’s also necessary to get rid of any condensation that has collected in the compressor’s tank on a daily basis.

An air compressor operates by pulling in air at regular pressure and then compressing it with a piston or shaft-driven motor. Small quantities of air are released with a huge force in small bursts, enabling the user to complete a range of functions. In most cases, it is not necessary to maintain the inner workings of an air compressor, unless the compressor itself is broken, or the filter has been taking in particularly dusty or dirty air. By monitoring the workings of the air compressor, it is easier to work out how often the air filter will need to be changed.


The majority of air compressor manufacturers recommend that you should empty your compressor’s tank every day. This is required because, along with air, your compressor will also take in moisture and this will build up if it is not dealt with quickly.

If moisture is allowed to build, it will eventually have a corrosive effect on the air compressor’s tank, which can cause numerous problems, including the failure of your equipment. Luckily, the majority of air compressors have a plug at the bottom of their tank, which enables easy removal of built-up moisture.

Oil levels

Don’t forget to check the levels of oil in your air compressor on a daily basis if it is used regularly, or after each use if it is used less frequently. This is so important because oil is used to lubricate the machine’s gears. If there is insufficient lubricant present, the moving components of the compressor will get too hot, overheating the system and causing no end of trouble.

In order to avoid overheating, you should ensure that the machine’s oil reservoir is filled with oil that has been recommended for use within the system, and you should check that there is a sufficient amount of oil inside. It is also important to check the reservoir for leaks.


Finally you will need to purchase a new oil and air filter annually, or after 200 to 500 hours of use, unless you happen to have a model that uses a reusable filter This will ensure your system stays in good shape.

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