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Total partners with Harvest Energy

French multinational Total has made a deal with Harvest Energy to supply its fuelling infrastructure.

Under the agreement, Harvest Energy will be supplied with Total’s products, including fuels and passenger car engine oil, so it can better develop its fuelling stations with a secure supply in place. Harvest Energy is part of the Prax Group and one of the largest independent blenders and suppliers of fuels.

Thirsk, North Yorkshire, will see an initial Total-branded fuelling station, with further ones opening in 2020. They will serve both private customers and commercial operators with Total’s complete product range, including both fuel and lubricants. The service stations will also offer other services and products, such as the ability to charge an electric vehicle. The companies will collaborate closely to ensure a stable fuel supply, both internationally through Total’s supply portfolio and domestic production from its Lindsey Oil Refinery. The hope is that Total’s experience in the industry will help Harvest Energy to realise its growth targets.

Total’s Senior Vice President of European Marketing & Services, Benoît Luc, said the company was overjoyed with the new collaboration, adding that Total will ensure a reliable supply of its various products.

CEO of the Prax Group, Sanjeev Kumar, also commented on the announcement:

“We are pleased and excited that we have signed this partnership agreement with Total. It is the culmination of many years of solid cooperation between our respective companies and I am sure that it will be extremely beneficial for all concerned.”

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