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TotalEnergies publishes Energy Outlook 2021

France-based energy company TotalEnergies has published its updated scenarios for the ongoing energy transition and how this may influence climate change.

Oil, gas and lubricant producer TotalEnergies, which renamed from Total to reflect its aim of becoming a broad-based energy company, examined two core scenarios named Momentum and Rupture. Momentum is based on current commitments to address climate change, such as the aims of many developed countries to get to net zero by 2050, as well as China’s pledge to achieve this by 2060. Compared to pre-industrial levels, these efforts will limit climate change to a 2.2–2.4°C increase in temperature.

Rupture, meanwhile, models the additional steps that would need to be taken to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, with the global temperature change being limited to well under 2°C

TotalEnergies’ Chairman and CEO, Patrick Pouyanné, said there was a global debate about the energy transition because the entirety of society needed to participate in the effort. He said the considering its company’s scenarios and its Energy Landscape document, as well as its aim:

“To get to Net Zero by 2050 and our wish to put the sustainable development goals at the core of our strategy, TotalEnergies intends to share its understanding of the world of energies, in order to contribute to the decisions that will have to be taken to tackle climate change.”

The company’s President of Strategy and Sustainability presented the new scenarios in a live as a prelude to the Investors Days, and this can be viewed at any time online.

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