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Valvoline introduces new fluids for EVs

Automotive services and lubricant provider Valvoline has launched a new range of products, called the Valvoline EV Performance Fluids, targeted specifically at Electric Vehicles (EVs).

According to the chief marketing officer at Valvoline, Heidi Matheys, the new range forms part of the company’s ongoing commitment to developing new products to fit in with evolving vehicle technologies, with the new range of EV fluids continuing its century-and-a-half history of innovation.

Valvoline EV Heat Transfer Fluids, Valvoline EV Drive System Fluid, Valvoline EV Grease, and Valvoline EV Brake Fluid comprise the new range. Valvoline claims its new fluids help address some frequently encountered issues with EVs, such as powertrain performance, seal bearing failure, variations of battery temperature and corrosion of brake systems. The company also claims the new range will help to optimise the performance of an EV and extend its useable lifetime by preserving the battery and other components for longer.

The leader of Valvoline’s EV strategy team, who is also the company’s chief supply chain officer, Craig Moughler, pointed out Valvoline’s long-standing commitment to investing in services and products for next-generation vehicles, including EVs. He added:

“We have maintained a very close technical and commercial relationship with many of the innovative OEM’s in the EV world, ultimately leading to the launch of this new product offering that helps to ensure optimum vehicle performance as EV technologies rapidly evolve.”

The company says its technical team has extensively tested the fluids, not just in its laboratory but also under real-world conditions with real-time data.

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