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Valvoline launches campaign to thank truckers

Valvoline, the maker of leading lubricants like commercial vehicle oil, has launched a new social media campaign to allow people in the US to express their gratitude to the nation’s truck drivers.

People will be able to send their messages of appreciation through the company’s presence on various social media platforms. Valvoline will then deliver these notes to truck drivers through multiple means.

First, it will have some read out over Red Eye Radio, a national radio station serving news, entertainment, and information to truck drivers. Second, it will include some messages in the 7,500 care packages it plans to distribute through trucking fleets. Valvoline will also share some messages back through social media.

The CEO of Valvoline Inc., Sam Mitchell, highlighted in a statement that many truckers were working extra hours away from their families and putting their own health at risk to keep goods moving. He added:

“Here at Valvoline, we want to illustrate our appreciation to these fleets that are serving us in extraordinary ways. These hardworking men and women should be celebrated for the personal sacrifices they’re making to keep businesses and homes equipped with the goods and essential services needed throughout this historic crisis.”

Many truck drivers, not least here in the UK, have been driving extra hours to meet the increased demand for some goods. They have also had to deal with the usual facilities, such as service stations and petrol stations, either being closed or not providing the normal range of services.

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