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What are the benefits of a modern slideway oil?

Today, expertly engineered slideway oils are manufactured by world leaders in the lubrication business – brands like Fuchs, Q8 and Mobil, among others. These lubricants are carefully formulated to an exacting standard that ensures they can cope with the work they must perform. Whether they are used in high-speed operation or require precision, slideway oils are created with the perfect blend of additives to make sure they always deliver. Read on for an in-depth look at the different types of slideway oils on sale and the dedicated ranges developed for specific applications

The advantages of selecting the right slideway oil

Certain slideway oils are manufactured for the lubrication of machine tables, tool slides and feed mechanisms. In most case, these oil formulas are exceptionally tacky. This guarantees impressive levels of frictional performance.

Other slideway oils involve low-friction formulations. These oils can help equipment enjoy a longer active service life and enhance machine productivity. Such slideway oil can still work at optimum even under heavy loads, improving quality while decreasing the chance of cross-contamination. All Sliding surfaces are fully protected, keeping foaming and corrosion at minimum.

Harmful wear, sludge deposits, water wash-off, corrosion and other obstructive issues can all be reduced by selecting the correct slideway oil. The benefits of making the right choice are manifold, including reduced operational downtime and lower running costs.

Slideway oils from Q8

Specialist lubrication maker Q8 produces two ranges designed for slideway systems, called Heavibear and Dynobear. These oils are also useful for lubricating factory tools and heavy plant machinery.

Q8’s Heavibear oils are high-quality products designed specifically for machine tool slideway lubrication, able to minimise friction exceptionally well. These oils can perform under extreme pressure, ensuring less wear on equipment. Formulated with a tackiness agent, they can ensure optimum oil retention. Heavibear oils are ideal in processes with vertical slides or fast-moving gears, and where reciprocating parts are involved, eliminating stick slip and juddering.

The manufacturer’s Dynobear formula was developed to offer low friction levels. It also includes additives designed to stop sticking and juddering, with zero tacky ingredients. This ensures that the grime, dirt and dust accumulation is reduced, along with unwanted wear and tear.

Mobil slideway oil

Mobil’s Vactra selection includes several premium slideway oils, delivering equipment protection, pinpoint accuracy and high production for machine tools working under extreme pressure. These oils are highly recommended for their excellent compatibility with slideway systems used in machine tools and are exceptional lubricants in work involving steel and cast iron.

Slideway oils from Fuchs

Finally, Fuchs Renep C series features cleverly crafted slideway oils. These lubricants are made to answer the specific requirements of modern machine tool slideways. They offer superior protection against both corrosion and wear while supplying adhesion for slideway systems. This range is perfect for both pneumatic equipment and rock drills, as the oils contain an additive package that enables oil to protect moving surfaces with a defensive layer while allowing it to flow freely.

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