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What are the benefits of buying bulk engine oil?

Engine oil is the lifeblood of a wide range of equipment, from farming machinery to commercial and passenger vehicles, and keeps it running at optimum capacity while protecting it from wear. Regardless of the engine lubricant you need, you’ll find there are oils produced for every application required, but how you buy your product can have a significant impact on your operation. In the next sections, we’ll explore some of the gains to be enjoyed from bulk buying engine oil.


Perhaps the most obvious boon of buying engine oil in bulk for any business is the potential financial savings involved in such a transaction. Purchasing lubrication products wholesale instead of using traditional retail methods can lead to significant cost savings due to the dramatically reduced prices offered in a bulk buy.

Not only does the price per item substantially decrease, but many lubrication wholesale operations will also offer significant discounts on bigger orders as an incentive. Whether buyers are looking to sell on the engine oil through their own retail outlet and make a profit on each product sold, or run an enterprise where a large quantity of the lubricant is required to keep equipment or transportation running, buying in bulk offers economic advantages.

Time saving

Time is an important factor to consider for any firm. Staying on top of stockholdings and supply can be a time-consuming task that takes up valuable hours, and running out of oil can lead to unwanted disruptions and delays for operations. Imagine the impact of an agricultural enterprise running out of the engine oil it requires for its farming vehicles like tractors and harvesters, or a fleet of hire cars that aren’t fit for the road when a flurry of business bookings come in.

By purchasing wholesale, a bulk engine oil order can offer premium levels of peace of mind to enterprise owners, knowing they are well-stocked to cover their needs. It also saves time and energy ordering and dealing with one bulk purchase rather than multiple smaller ones. It’s worth remembering that you can never have too much stock of a product you use year in year out that possesses a suitable lifespan.

Shipping costs and handling

Buying stock of engine oil can come with shipping costs, which over time can add up to substantial amounts. When oil is purchased in smaller quantities, each delivery will have a fee for shipping. Buying engine oil in bulk can drastically reduce these charges improving a company’s profit margin.

Every time an engine oil order comes in it must be checked off and stored. While this is an important task that cannot be ignored, it is also disruptive and takes time. By placing bulk engine oil orders rather than small quantity shipments, enterprises can streamline this process and ensure it does not negatively impact workflow on site.

Dependable brands

Finally, buying in bulk allows enterprises access to some of the best brands producing engine oil today including Mobil, Shell, Fuchs, Q8 and Morris. This means that not only are companies saving time and money on their orders, but gaining access to a superior quality of lubricant at the same time.

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