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What are the benefits of using Klüber grease?

A member of the Freudenberg Group of in Weinheim, Germany since back in 1966, Klüber Lubrication is renowned supplier of high-quality products for a wide range of applications.

Among its many offerings is Klüber grease, a sustainable lubricant capable of resolving both corrosion and wear. In the next sections, we’ll take a closer look at this optimal grease option and explore some of the many advantages its users enjoy.

Klüber grease – an overview

A high-quality solution, Klüber grease has been designed by experts with over 90 years of experience and in-depth research.

Where friction is present within a mechanical system, corrosion and wear can potentially obstruct production processes and damage machinery. However, this can be resolved by using a high-quality lubricating grease, as achieving optimal levels of lubrication with this option can help companies keep their production running effectively and their equipment in excellent condition.

Klüber grease has proved a superb solution for issues involving mechanical friction. It can be effective and offer sustained protection from both corrosion and wear, as well as against risks from identified external factors.

This premium product has a proven record for specific requirements. Applications served by Klüber grease include plain bearings, fittings, plain and rolling bearings, plastics, gears, plastics, pneumatic components, and contacts, to name but a few.

What is an industrial lubricating grease?

Specially engineered lubricating greases can prove particularly effective in applications in the industrial sector, helping cut back mechanical wear and friction. As a rule, the typical chemical composition of a lubricating grease involves around 15% thickening agent to 75% oil, with the remaining 10% made up of carefully selected additives.

These expertly engineered greases are a perfect choice if you seek to provide friction points with long-term protection. As well as providing excellent levels of lubrication, they also present an effective defence against a battery of external factors that may be at work onsite. These may include but are not limited to water spray, contaminants and humidity, all factors that can negatively impact equipment and production rates.

Economic benefits of using Klüber grease

Firms deploying a reliable solution such as Klüber grease will find there are also economic advantages that can be gained. Machinery that is suitably lubricated will run more efficiently, leading to not only enhanced production levels but also lower energy costs.

Inferior greases are sometimes selected as an affordable option, but this is often a self-defeating strategy. The lifespan of a low-quality grease is far shorter than a product like Klüber grease, which means companies must buy far more stock to keep their equipment running. Additionally, the performance levels delivered by such a solution will also be inferior.

In the short-term machinery that is protected by a premium grease is less likely to need repair work which helps companies reduce maintenance and machine downtime improving profits. In the long-term, companies with a regular lubrication schedule using a dependable grease like Klüber will also appreciate a sound return on the sizeable investment made on purchasing equipment, as such a solution can extend the active service life of machinery.

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