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What goes in to producing quality lubricants?

We all know that oils are a vital component when it comes to making sure that machines and motors work properly. However, while we all appreciate the efforts of the likes of Shell and Fuchs, there may be a few basics that people still do not understand.

Here are a few facts about lubricants that everyone should know, whether the oils are for plant machinery, vehicles or your lawnmower:

The base oil

The base oil, a refined crude, is what keeps the machinery running as smoothly as possible. Covering all of the essential components of the motor, it lubricates every moving part within the mechanisms. This works to reduce friction between the parts, which, as they get hot, become more and more important depending on temperature, conditions and performance.

This is vital for machinery, ensuring that there is no excessive wear and tear as metal grinds against metal.

The refinement process is important for the quality of lubrication that the oil offers, which is why the leading products from manufacturers such as Q8 and Shell can be relied upon. In the refinement process, damaging elements contained within the base oil are removed.

Known as contaminants, debris such as wax, sulphur and nitrogen are often found suspended in the solutions, while complex unsaturated hydrocarbons are also removed.

The additives

While the base oil is what lubricates your engines and machinery, while reducing friction and preventing the devices from ripping themselves apart, there is a great deal more to modern oil than the refined product alone.

It is the additives that really decide the effectiveness of the lubricant, making them the key to deciding what performance it will offer. These additions to the mix do many things, each ensuring that the very best performance can be extracted from the machinery.

They are complex though, with each additive being aimed at one particular function of the motor, components or connecting parts.

Meanwhile, in the mix for modern oils are the likes of detergents, which help to keep the machines as clean and debris free as possible.

There are additions to further help reduce the wearing process too. As well as inhibitors for corrosion, additives that target rust also help to give a smoother performance and increase the lifespan of machinery, while other anti-wear additions are also added.

With modern machines, motors and engines so complex, it is little wonder that major oil companies and manufacturers often come together to make these additives as effective as possible.

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