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What is compressor oil and why is it important?

Compressor oil is one of the most important types of lubricant for anyone who wants to maintain their machinery effectively. It is primarily used to prevent wear and tear, as well as to diminish the amount of metal corrosion.

There are a number of different compressor oils available, with brands like Fuchs, Mobil, and Shell all producing their own products, which tend to vary a lot in terms of their viscosity. Different lubricants also contain various additives in varying quantities, while compressor oil can also come in natural and synthetic forms.

Synthetic compressor oil

Synthetic lubricants started to gain in popularity towards the end of the 20th Century, because they made it possible to create compressor oils that were specially formulated to meet the needs of certain machinery. Synthetic lubricants also tend to be more stable than their counterparts, which is very important when dealing with gas compressors.

Synthetic compressor oil has proven very popular. It is made from artificial fluids instead of petroleum oils, which means that a mixture of molecules can be used to provide a high level of protection against wear and high temperatures. A synthetic compressor lubricant, rather than natural oil, is most often used in gas compressors, as synthetic lubricants do not burn when oxygen is present.

Wear resistance

Compressor oil is so very important because such machinery tends to be on the go continuously. Therefore, there is a need for them to be well oiled, if they are not to wear out fast. By having plenty of the right kind of lubrication, compressors can work harder for longer.

This is because compressor oil contains wear additives, which help to minimize the amount of contact made between metal parts. It is always vital to choose a lubricant that is of the correct thickness for a particular piece of machinery, because it acts as a sealant, reducing gas leakage around pistons.

Increase life

It is important that compressor oil levels are always maintained, as it is this that will increase the life of a system. It is for this reason that many owners of refrigeration and gas compressors keep large oil tanks on site. By doing so, they can replace compressor oil without having to shut down machinery.

However, sealed systems, such as for refrigerators, do not need to be as closely maintained, unless there is an oil leak, in which case the lubricant must be topped up before the unit is resealed.

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