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What is Shell Tellus 46 used for?

Shell Tellus 46 is a high-quality hydraulic lubricant with a reputation for offering peak performance. Now marketed as Shell Tellus S2 MX 46, this cutting-edge lubricant employs its manufacturer’s patented, unique technology.

The lubricant has been designed to offer protection from wear and tear and impressive performance in mobile and manufacturing equipment and machinery. A key feature of this product is its ability to refrain from breaking down, even in conditions and environments that involve mechanical stress or excessive heat. This helps to reduce deposit formation, which can be detrimental to the performance of hydraulic equipment.

In the following sections, we’ll introduce the Shell Tellus range and take a closer look at hydraulic oils and what they are used for.

What is a hydraulic fluid and what equipment needs it to run?

Hydraulic fluids, also known as hydraulic liquids, are a medium that allows power to be conveyed within hydraulic machinery. Many basic hydraulic fluids are based on either water or mineral oil before being infused with specific additives to enhance the way they are able to perform under different conditions.

A wide range of equipment uses hydraulic fluids, including industrial machinery, hydraulic brake and power steering systems, lifts, excavators and even the flight control systems installed in aircraft. To be effective, equipment that uses a hydraulic system to operate will need hydraulic fluid that possesses zero compressibility.

What is the role of hydraulic liquid?

The core function of hydraulic fluid is to transfer power. However, when it is in use, hydraulic fluid performs numerous roles that are equally important, such as protecting the machine components of a hydraulic system.

What is the Shell Tellus range?

Shell Tellus S2 MX 46 is part of a dedicated and extensive selection of premium hydraulic fluids developed to make hydraulic systems last far longer and perform at optimum efficiency.

The range was designed based on delivering the ideal properties that a quality hydraulic fluid should have. These include both hydrolytic and thermal stability, the lowest tendency to cavitate, low levels of chemical corrosiveness, high anti-wear attributes, total water rejection and a long lifespan.

The Tellus range has been designed to ensure a hydraulic fluid exists for every application required. Instead of just producing manufacturing lubricants for a mechanical pump, there are specific Tellus hydraulic fluids produced that protect the entire system. The range includes a diverse range of performance tiers for both specialised and universal applications, ensuring it can meet the exacting demands of the latest hydraulic systems in use.

There are fluids in the Shell Tellus range that use sophisticated gas-to-liquids technology. This allows Shell to deliver advanced, energy-efficient, synthetic-based hydraulic fluids suitable for stationary and mobile applications.

Shell’s range of gas-to-liquids base oils are founded on 45 years of in-depth research, allowing it to offer superior fluids like the Shell Tellus selection. Regardless of the hydraulic system at work, the Shell Tellus range has an option for every application, with each product offering outstanding efficiency, longer oil life and enhanced wear protection.

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