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What is STOU agricultural oil?

Super Tractor Oil Universal, or STOU for short, is a multi-purpose agricultural oil. A universal product, it can be used by agricultural operations in an extensive range of different applications in vehicles designed for heavy-duty work. Read on as we take a closer look at the invaluable lubricants, the attributes they offer and the benefits business enjoy when they adopt them as a solution to serve their farming machinery.

What are the different applications that STOU can be used for?

Farming operations often employ a wide range of vehicles onsite, from harvesters and fruit pickers to tractors, trucks and balers. STOU is effectively a type of motor oil, but it is exceptionally versatile, allowing it to be used as a hydraulic oil, a transmission oil and a brake oil, as well as serving vehicle engines.

What are the key characteristics of STOU?

As a universal oil, a high-quality STOU must perform many different roles. As with any oil, it must lubricate parts to reduce friction and heat and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear from occurring. To be effective, it also needs to seal off components, protecting them against potential contaminants and flushing these harmlessly from mechanical systems. A premium STOU will also reduce oxidisation and offer improved stability while always retaining the efficiency levels of all mechanical systems it is applied to. This collection of attributes enables users to deploy them in multiple applications demanding oil.

What are the advantages of using STOU for farming operations?

Being able to use a single lubrication solution for multiple applications has many benefits for enterprises operating in the agriculture sector. Only needing to order one product can save companies both time and effort. With just a single supplier, ordering, deliveries, invoicing and communications are all simplified and take less time to complete.

Using a single solution for multiple requirements is less hassle for those in charge of lubrication inventory and makes the chance of the wrong oil being used and causing harm to equipment impossible. Not only can it make maintenance easier and save operations time, but it can also lower costs. Dealing with a single supplier and being able to order in bulk, farming operations can reduce the size of their annual expenditure on lubrication significantly by using STOU.

What is UTTO?

Universal Tractor Transmission Oil, or UTTO for short, is another multipurpose lubricant, but it cannot be used for engine lubrication. While a specialist solution designed to meet the exacting requirements of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), UTTO can still be used for transmissions, clutches, wet brakes and hydraulic systems in off-road agricultural vehicles. Designed for more advanced and complex systems in modern farming machinery, UTTOs offer enterprises an option to keep the newer additions to their fleet in optimum condition.

The suitability of an UTTO, STOU or both solutions to your operation will depend on the age of the vehicles that you use. Oil suppliers and OEMs can both be excellent resources to ensure you only use the right product to lubricate your farming fleet.

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