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What is the Morris Lubricants Training Academy?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, the world-leading lubrication manufacturer Morris Lubricants held numerous training events live at its headquarters in Shrewsbury. The company’s aim was to help inform and educate its customers, to guide them in both selecting or supplying the correct products.

However, due to the pandemic, heads at Morris Lubricant made the sound decision to transfer this unique training opportunity online. While primarily designed to promote safety during the coronavirus pandemic and to ensure end-users, suppliers and stockists could still access the advice they needed, the new initiative also allowed Morris Lubricants to make this expert training available to a much wider audience. Now offered online, these learning opportunities allow lubrication users and suppliers to educate themselves from home or at work without any need to travel.

What do the Morris Lubricants Training Academy webinars involve?

The new online format of the training events is provided in a series of concise and informative webinars, which are an hour in length. Each of the webinars takes a specific look at a particular area of lubrication, helping increase the understanding of those taking part.

What topics will be covered during the Morris Lubricant webinars?

Subjects due to be aired by the Morris Lubricants Training Academy in 2022 include “An Introductory Guide to Quality Oils and Lubricants”, “Getting to Know Agricultural Lubricants in More Detail”, “How to Sell the Benefits of Morris Lubricants”, “An Introduction to Horticultural Lubricants”, “Gas Engine Oils, Lubricants and Greases”, “Commercial Vehicle Engines” and “Workshop Oils”, with further topics to be announced by Morris Lubricants in the future.

The Introductory Guide to Quality Oils and Lubricants will delve into the basics of lubrication formulation. It will outline the common classifications used for lubricants and will explain some of the frequently adopted descriptions and terminology involved. The webinar will explain these terms to help participants increase their understanding, and in the case of stockists and distributors, will empower them to supply end-users with the necessary information they require to make informed decisions on both lubricant selection and quality.

Who should attend the webinars from the Morris Lubricants Training Academy?

While all interested parties are welcome to participate, the online webinars have been created for those working in the lubrication sector or with the lubricants themselves. Along with end-users, this includes distribution companies, online stockists and suppliers in every product sector.

Training led by an expert in lubrication

The online sessions are run by Morris Lubricant’s technology manager and technical lubricants expert, Adrian Hill, and all attendees receive a personal certificate to mark their attendance. To date, the technology manger has presented at a wide variety of international conferences on lubrication around the world, in places like New Zealand, Iraq and India, among many others. He has also served as keynote speaker at the UK’s national exhibition event Automechanika, and he works with Guy Martin, Morris Lubricant’s brand ambassador.

With over 40 years working in the lubrication industry, Hill is able to bring first-class training that cannot be found anywhere else.

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