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What lubricants does Q8 Oils provide for the energy sector

Kuwait Petroleum International, also known as Q8 or Q8 Oils, is renowned for its exceptional efficiency, high-quality products and guaranteed lubrication performance. Its exacting standards are a perfect match for the multiple sectors it serves, particularly those like the energy industry, which demands that solutions are of the highest standards.

Q8 Oils is considered a preferred manufacturer by the energy sector. This is due to its wide range of experience and innovative research and development programme; however, it is also because of the unique products it creates. Q8 develops its own formulations that employ selective additive technology to create cutting-edge energy lubricants that exceed current industry standards. To stay at the forefront of the challenging modern market, Q8 is constantly optimising it products for the energy industry.

In the following sections, we’ll explore some of the oils that the manufacturer produces for this competitive sector.

Gas engine oils

These highly specialised oils are formulated based on 25 years’ worth of proven technology. They offer excellent resistance against pre-ignition and boast low ash deposit tendencies, along with top-rated capacity for acid neutralisation. For longer service life, the oils have high levels of nitration and oxidation resistance and benefit from exceptional anti-wear attributes that offer premium protection to engines.

Compressor oils

These dedicated oils are developed to enhance performance in gas, refrigeration and air compressors. There many other benefits including wear prevention, longer drain intervals and thermal stability. They also feature exceptionally high oxidation stability and are available in both full synthetic and mineral formats.

Turbine oils

These oils are engineered for use in steam, gas and hydro-turbines and deliver impressive oxidation stability that ensures reliable operation. Their other properties include low foaming and excellent water separation. Extreme pressure (EP) variants are also available.

Marine engine oils

Q8’s comprehensive range of marine engine oils is designed for multiple categories of engine used, including leisure boats and deep-sea fishing vessels. They offer extended drain intervals and low wear levels when operating under severe conditions. They also deliver excellent protection against corrosion and rust.

What other sectors does Q8 Oils supply products for?

Along with serving enterprises and organisations operating in the energy industry, Q8 also produces oils to meet the demands of many other sectors.

It offers oils for the automotive industry for a wide range of vehicles. This extensive list includes oils for buses, trucks, passenger cars and off-road and agricultural vehicles, as well as leisure marine vehicles, motorcycles and scooters.

For general industry, it produces demoulding oils, food-grade oils, hydraulic oils, pneumatic oils, heat transfer oils, circulating oils, bio-oils, chain oils, transformer oils, gear oils, degreasers and greases. However, it also boasts a range of more specific oils suited especially to metalworking processes. These include oils for quenching, wire and tube drawing, cold rolling, forming and anti-corrosion.

With more than 120 years of experience in the lubrication industry to draw upon, Q8 Oils continues to produce premium solutions and build on its reputation as world leader in oil manufacturing.

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