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What should I look for in transformer oil?

If your business uses a transformer, then it may be of benefit to know that there are some specific transformer oils on the market, produced by leading brands like Nynas. Such specialist formals have been created to offer oxidation stability, and this results in a longer life for the transformer and less equipment breakdown. The formulas are also highly resistant to degradation.

Top grade transformer oils are thoroughly tested for consumer use and peace of mind, and will have passed corrosion tests such as DIN 51353, ASTM D1275 and IEC 62535. They will also be compliant with IEC 60296 Edition 4.0 and ASTM D3487-16. Such transformer lubricants are products compatible with oil-filled electrical such as rectifiers, circuit breakers, power transformers or switch gearing.

Specialist transformer oils products can help to power startup even at extremely low temperatures, meaning there is no requirement for pour point depressants. High dielectric strength enables the lubricant to perform, even when under extreme demand. Carefully formulated lubricants can remove heat from transformer cores or windings wire required and a low viscosity index assures the user that the transfer or conduction of heat is enabled.

Nynas is an expert at producing specialist transformer oil products that offer an outstanding performance. The Nytro range offers an impressive level of oxidation stability, and this can lead to a prolonged transformer life as well as less downtime for maintenance. These formulas also provide high resistance to oil degradation, so the oil life is longer as well. Nynas Nytro transformer oils have passed the relevant corrosion tests – namely ASTM D1275, IEC 62535 and DIN 51353.

Nytro 10XN was specifically formulated for use within oil-filled electrical equipment; this includes circuit breakers, power transformers, switch gears and rectifiers. The high dielectric strength means this oil can cope with even the most demanding conditions.

Nynas Nytro 4000 X and Gemini X are “super grade” products, and are capable of removing heat from the windings and core of a transformer. These formulas also boast a low level of viscosity, which ensures effective heat transfer.

The Nytro Libra formula from Nynas Nytro is a standard grade electrical insulating lubricant. It provides great oxidation stability, plus supreme oil degradation resistance. This product is highly compatible with various types of electrical equipment, including switch gears, circuit breakers and rectifiers, as well as transformers. The naphthenic base enables low-temperature start up, negating the requirement for pour point depressants.

Nynas Nytro Lyra X is a high-grade, inhibited transformer oil made to offer exceptional oxidation stability and impressive resistance to oil degradation IEC 62535. This particular product is also designed primarily for use with rectifiers, power transformers, circuit breakers and switch gears. It also possesses a naphthenic base and a high dielectric strength, so Nytro Lyra X can also ensure an excellent performance even in the toughest conditions.

The selection of transformer oil can be key when it comes to protecting expensive equipment as well as prolonging its life. The right lubricant can also drastically improve the performance of hard-working machinery.

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  1. Transformer oil is used as cooling in the electric equipment which maintains the temperature. A transformer is the lifeline of the elements and transformer oil help in analyzing the condition that helps in preventing the damage.

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