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What should you expect from a car valet?

Many people are confused by the term car valet. In North America primarily, though in keeping with the constant U.S. English creep, the term covers a car parking service at hotels, restaurants and other such places. It can also refer to a car cleaning service. With a valet also once the personal attendant of established gentry and deriving from the French term ‘vassal’, (meaning ‘to be subordinate to’), both modern terms work.

Car valet as a car parking service

If worried about a car parking valet service all you really need to know are the rules of the valet service, and they can vary. Typically though, the onsite valet team will attend to the process.

All you really need to ensure is that you have cash available for a tip, that your car is in such a condition that you are happy for strangers to sit in it and that you give any important information about the car, how it drives and your personal preferences to the attending valet team member.

Car valet as a car cleaning service

Many car servicing centres offer full valet services today. Varying in the breadth from place to place and cost to cost typically, a full service will include interior and exterior cleaning. As well as full wash and polish externally, interior services typically include as necessary:

• Brushing/vacuuming/steaming/shampooing of all fabrics, including carpets, seats and boot space
• Protective preparation of all fabrics, including leather, suede and wood
• Washing, emptying and polishing of all ashtrays
• Dusting/wiping/polishing of all interior plastics and metals
• Washing and polishing of all glass and mirrors

A full service can also include maintenance details, such as oil checks, refreshes and refills. If you require such a service, it is best to ensure the right motor oil is used. If your preference is for a particular brand like Shell, Mobil or Fuchs, letting the cleaning team know or having your own on hand is advisable.

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