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Why change the oil in machinery?

Regular oil changes are essential when maintaining effective machinery. Everyone knows that changing the lubricant in equipment has to be done to keep performance high, but not everybody understands why.

If people realise precisely why maintenance routines are required, they are much more likely to undertake them properly than if they only have a rough idea of what they are doing. Therefore, there is a lot to be gained from explaining vital processes to employees, such as the following:

Cleanliness really counts

Using products from Shell or Mobil frequently can ensure that machinery is always clean. It is a big mistake to think that dirty equipment will do the job, so the correct use of an appropriate lubricant is a necessity.

It is also vital to perceive that as it is used, oil can pick up a considerable quantity of dirt. Of course, that is one of the reasons why it is employed in the first instance. Nonetheless, the continued use filthy lubricant will not bode well for gears.

The environment matters

If machinery is not treated responsibly, it is a sure thing that additional pollution will occur. When the right lubricants are not used, there is a tendency for a plant to belch out excess emissions. As such, a sustainable approach to development is hard to achieve with poorly managed machinery. Rectifying this to produce greener process may also be appreciated by staff.

Limiting depreciation

If machinery is not cared for sufficiently, its value will plummet. Any business has to look out for its bottom line, so it is imperative to use high-quality lubricant effectively to make sure that plant machinery keeps its value for as long as possible. The faster that equipment deteriorates, the sooner simple maintenance will stop being an option. It is simply poor business practice not to operate in a manner that takes into account long-term financial goals.

Disposal can be responsible

Some personnel may be anxious that the regular disposal of oil can cause a negative environmental impact. However, they should be made aware that the changing of lubricants can be accomplished in a way that respects the planet.

Filtration technology has evolved significantly over the years. This means that there is no genuine need for any concern, especially as recycling has come into its own. All this progress should suggest that a workforce can change the oil when necessary without any feelings of trepidation.

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