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Why ultrasonic grease guns are a great tool for engineers

There has certainly been a hype about ultrasonic grease guns in recent years, provoking debate on whether they are worth the outlay.

Ultrasonic grease guns are actually a really valuable tool that can help you achieve the optimal levels of grease injection.

Ultrasonic technology

If you are in the industry, you will probably know that ultrasonic monitoring technology works by listening to the vibrations that are produced by machine friction. These vibrations, which typically measure around 30 kilohertz, are measured and readjusted to a new frequency, which can be heard by the human ear. This audible signal can then be subjected to analysis, so that the operator can get feedback about the internal friction levels of the machine they are testing.

How do the guns use this technology?

Ultrasonic grease guns take this technology a step further in that they can be attached to ultrasonic monitoring devices., which can in turn, be fixed to the grease fitting on the bearing house of a machine.

Once a starting amount of grease is injected inside the bearing housing, providing that the machine is in use at the time, the frequency of the machine can be measured

As each shot of grease is injected into the housing, a short-term increase in the audible frequency output will take place. Every further injection will follow this pattern until there ceases to be a noticeable drop in the frequency, or the output signal starts to rise. This points to the fact that the bearings are now operating at their optimal conditions in terms of grease lubrication, at which point the operator does not need to inject any additional lubricant into the housing, offering you more mileage out of products like Mobil DTE 25.

Makes life easier

This is so important because it can be really tough to grease a bearing at the best of times, which is troubling because it is really important that bearings have the right amount of grease – not too little or too much – Iif your machinery is to work at optimum levels.

By taking out the guesswork that is involved with greasing bearings, even when you know the calculated maximum volume of the housing, you can all but ensure that you are adding the exact amount of oil needed to run your machinery.

Not only will this save you money over time in terms of savings in lubricant costs and less wear and tear of machinery, but it will also help to prevent the very real problems of oxidation and excess energy consumption associated with incorrect grease levels.

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