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Wind power development planned for Lancashire

A landowner based in Stacksteads has submitted a planning application for the building of two wind turbines, which would be located on his farm in the Lancashire village.

If permission should be granted, the finished turbines will be taller than the nearby Peel Monument, although this would still make them smaller than many of the other turbines at wind farms throughout the UK.

Andrew Lyth hopes to win approval to construct two turbines measuring 48 metres each on land within Sheephouse Farm, which is on Greens Lane, Stacksteads.

These plans state that a track already exists that runs to the intended site, situated roughly 150 metres ahead of where the turbines would be placed. However, it also confirmed that further pathways would need to be added to enable work on constructing the turbines to get underway.

Concerns over the possibly negative visual impact of the turbines have also been addressed in the planning application, which states that adjustments have been made to the proposal, including a shift in the location.

The turbines would now be built at a spot to the north west of the original location, ostensibly to ensure that a coal mining risk zone is avoided, but also to eliminate many fears about the landscape.

If the plans go ahead, the turbines will require lubricants that are suitable for all weathers and conditions, like Q8 Rembrandt EP2 or Mobil SHC Gear 220, if they are to run effectively.

The proposal will be discussed by planners from Rossendale Council at a forthcoming development control committee meeting.

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