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WinGD validates Talusia Universal

Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD), a leading manufacturer of low-speed gas and diesel engines for marine use, has issued a revised No Objection Letter (NOL) for the Talusia Universal cylinder oil, with it now having validated the oil for its entire engine range, including the older Sulzer engines.

The introduction of the IMO 2020 standards to cut sulphur oxide emissions has led to a variety of fuels being used in the shipping industry. For example, operators can meet IMO 2020 requirements by using low-sulphur fuel or using higher sulphur fuels combined with scrubbers to remove sulphur oxide from the engine emissions. They may even use a zero-sulphur fuel, like liquefied natural gas.

Talusia Universal makes lubrication simpler by serving as an effective lubricant for any fuel strategy that is compliant with IMO 2020. Its unique chemistry is said to deliver outstanding performance, with the efficient neutralisation of acids and ensured engine cleanliness helping the reduce cylinder wear and maintain the status of the ring pack.

Total Lubmarine’s Technical Director, Nikolaos Kotakis, said about the validation by WinGD:

“We consider this a great recognition of the product’s outstanding performance and compatibility across today’s widest range of fuel options. It is the reward of our long efforts in the continuous improvement of a single cylinder oil that can now be used continuously with all 2020 compliant fuels.”

Kotakis added that the oil also improves on BN40 CLO safety margins and substantially reduces the feed rate compared to other contemporary cylinder oils.

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