Asphalt Processing

Asphalt Processing & Storage Heat Transfer Fluids

Specialised sectors often demand highly specific fluids and lubricants for the core processes involved and dedicated equipment used, and this includes the asphalt processing industry. Leading lubrication manufacturers like Paratherm provide asphalt processing and storage heat transfer fluids that are designed to answer the unique operating challenges of firms working in this sector.

Dependable heat transfer fluids are deployed in the asphalt processing industry with the purpose of maintaining storage tank temperatures at the terminals where asphalt is being stored. However, built-for-purpose but flexible heat transfer fluids can also be used at plants that manufacture asphalt shingles for heating transfer networks and storage tanks, but also on barges used to transport asphalt, maintaining fluidity.

Unlike multi-purpose, low-cost and common base oils which can cause damage to a system over time, these cutting-edge heat transfer oils are specifically designed to work effectively under the constant high operating temperatures found in a heat transfer fluid system.

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