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Selecting the right lubricant for vintage and classic vehicles, whether they are passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles or agricultural machinery, is an important decision. Modern oils are manufactured utilising high-spec additives, making them unsuitable for use in veteran vehicles. Dispersant and detergent additives keep unwanted contamination suspended before filtering them using modern technology, but older engines don’t possess advanced filtration systems that can remove engine damage-causing contaminants.

Fortunately, leading lubrication makers like Morris have created dedicated ranges of lubrication solutions designed to answer the needs of older engines and gearboxes installed in classic and heritage transport.

Motor oils

Motor oils are available that use high-quality, natural base oils and an additive package featuring low levels of detergents and dispersants. This makes them ideal for four-stroke, naturally aspirated diesel and petrol engines in classic cars and legacy farming vehicles. Low-dispersant oils allow any solid contaminants to fall harmlessly into the sump, making them suited to the mesh gauze filtration systems common to older vehicles.

Gear oils

A range of gear oils are also offered for classic equipment and vehicles where a non-EP lubricant is specified by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Classic gear oils are useful for a range of different applications, which include axles, kingpins, chains, manual gear boxes, oil-lubricated bearings, steering boxes, reduction gears and reduction hubs, as well as worm gear drives, to name but a few. Vintage gear oils are also suited to transmissions fitted with phosphor bronze components, and this makes them ideal for gear boxes in vintage and classic cars, commercial vehicles, tractors and motorcycles.

Flushing oils

Designed for heritage engines running on petrol and diesel, along with vintage hydraulic systems and compressors, classic flushing oils are also available. Designed to improve the removal process when cleaning sludge and lacquer from engines, these dedicated lubricants are created with a highly refined mineral oil as a base and an additive package containing dispersants and detergents.

These flushing oils are useful when a mechanical system’s history in unknown to a user, or when the lubricant within a system has been used longer than the recommended drain interval.

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Oil Store has been supplying premium fluids and lubricants for over 20 years. If you need lubricants for classic or heritage vehicles and equipment, you can depend on products from expert manufacturers like Morris. Explore our options listed below to find the lubricant you need or contact our team today.

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