Heat Transfer Oils

Heat transfer oils facilitate heat transfer by acting as an intermediary. On one side of a process, they serve to cool, transport and store thermal energy, while on the other side taking on heating roles as well. High-quality heat transfer oils are available to buy, today created by leading manufacturers like Mobil, Shell and Millers Oils.

Heat transfer oils typically feature a highly refined mineral oil as their base that is specifically selected to deliver superior performance levels. Brands producing these built-for purpose oils ensure products are equipped with improved capabilities making them resistant to thickening, oxidisation and thermal cracking. As a result, today’s advanced heat transfer fluids can provide extended life span, lowering consumption and costs for users.

Impressive thermal properties

High-quality oils in this category have high heat transfer rates, allowing them to deliver enhanced operational efficiency. Heat transfer oils typically have viscosities that enable these lubricants to be pumped both at operating temperatures and start-up temperatures. As a result, these dedicated oils can demonstrate levels of thermal conductivity that provide far faster heat dissipation.

Exceptional thermal and oxidative stability

To enhance operation the best heat transfer oils are always designed with anti-oxidation attributes. Consequently, they enable machinery to enjoy smoother and trouble-free functionality. The benefits of this quality include ensuring equipment has a longer active service life, while also meaning downtime required to maintain, repair and replace parts is greatly reduced.

Resistant to thermal cracking and decomposition

The cutting-edge heat transfer oils produced today are also engineered to help mechanical systems cope with unwanted deposits. To make sure there is only minimal interference to the capacity for heat transfer, heat transfer oils are designed to be resistant to thermal cracking and decomposition, keeping them free from sludge formation and other harmful contaminants. This resistance can also help improve mechanical performance and output, and minimise the need for repair and maintenance downtime.

Different heat transfer oils are suited to different kinds of systems and operate best within a specific range of temperatures. Always consult your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) instructions and recommendations before selecting a product for your system.

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For more than two decades, Oil Store has been providing premium lubrication solutions via our online platform. If your company needs high-quality heat transfer oils like those produced by leading brands like Mobil and Millers Oils, search the lubricants listed below or contact our team for further details.


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