Refrigeration Oils

A wide range of dedicated refrigeration oils designed for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning – coming from leading lubrication manufacturers like Solest, Emkarate, Shell, Mobil and Fuchs – is currently available to select from. Refrigeration compressor lubricants are typically manufactured using specialised synthetic polyol ester base oils infused with highly effective additives, helping them deliver optimum wear protection even in extreme operating conditions.

Some oils are designed to deliver enhanced miscibility with refrigerants such as CO2, while others are engineered to meet environmental legislation and are entirely biodegradable. High-quality refrigeration oils offer many benefits, like optimising system performance to reduce operational costs. Additionally, their exceptional lubricity properties enable them to improve efficiency and offer considerable gains via enhanced oil management.

Outstanding lubrication

Leading refrigeration oils act as an exceptional lubricant performing at the highest level even when they are exposed to extremely high pressure levels found in a CO2 atmosphere. Dedicated refrigeration oils are usually rigorously tested with a wide selection of prototype and trial refrigeration systems. This ensures that they are a highly effective and can operate at optimum in severe conditions required by the applications for which they are designed.

Exceptional thermal stability

Refrigeration oils are engineered to provide excellent thermal stability. As a result, these oils are able to perform their role at both extremely low and high temperatures. The benefits of this thermal stability for end users are that equipment and refrigeration systems can remain more productive with unanticipated maintenance and repair downtime greatly reduced. Companies can enjoy reduced costs of operational disruption and can avoid the expense of repairing and replacing components.

Applications for refrigeration oils

Some refrigeration and compressor oils are recommended for use in specific systems like climate control systems and container refrigeration. However, other options are designed for multiple applications, serving practically all types of system used in both industrial and commercial refrigeration, from walk-in freezer units to aggregate cooling systems.

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For over two years, Oil Store has been providing leading lubrication product via our online site. If your operation requires outstanding refrigeration oils for specific systems or a general use product that can serve multiple applications, we can help. Explore our range of dedicated refrigeration oils manufactured by Solest, Mobil, Millers Oils, Emkarate and Fuchs, among others. If you don’t see the lubricant you’re looking for or would like further product details, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today for details.

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Showing 1–12 of 28 results