Gear Oils

With an understanding of the constant pressures and unique industry challenges its customers are facing, Millers provides high-quality gear oils that increase operational efficiency, reducing costs and unplanned downtime while also decreasing energy consumption.

Built-for-purpose products

As a rule, industrial gear systems must work hard, often at extremely high temperatures. Millers gear oils can remain effective and cope under these conditions at levels beyond those of conventional mineral oils. Their attributes allow them to offer impressive shear stability, but also improve protection from thermal degradation. They are also efficient at inhibiting oxidations, sludge accumulation and other unwanted deposits.

As a result of these properties, Millers gear oils offer outstanding lubrication and can enhance performance levels while extending the active service life of mechanical systems.

Advanced additive packages

Many of the gear oils offered by Millers Oils have different levels of viscosity, differentiated by volume of tackiness agent in their additive package. Other additives included may help guard against other issues like wear, corrosion and foaming. Cutting down friction and heat during operation, these specially formulated gear oils allow machines to work tirelessly under extreme pressure, or at a scale of temperatures ranging from those that exceed 100℃ to those that drop to sub-zero levels.

Get Millers gear oils today

For over 20 years, we at Oil Store have been offering premium lubrication solutions. If you’re operation wants to minimise downtime and needs high-quality gear oils like the products in Millers Oils’ range, browse the lubricants listed here or get in touch for further information.


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Showing all 3 results