PETRONAS Automotive Lubricants

A world-leading lubrication manufacturer, PETRONAS offers an impressive array of automotive oils, greases, fluids and other lubricants. As a result, you will find PETRONAS has dedicated ranges of automotive lubricants to suit a wide range of vehicles, applications and industries.

Users will find automotive lubricants for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles, along with products designed for more demanding operating environments for vehicles used in agricultural and industrial enterprises.

All automotive lubricants engineered by PETRONAS are designed to supply maximum performance and enhanced protection. Manufactured using premium base oils infused with specialist additive packages, each option has been specifically tailored to answer its application, whether it is an engine oil, a transmission fluid, a crankcase oil or a grease.

These built-for-purpose lubricants can help protect automotive systems from friction, wear and excessive heat, acting as both a lubricant and coolant. They can also seal components, protecting them from harmful contaminants and defending them against rust and other corrosives.

Exceptionally durable, these lubricants also offer longer drain intervals, offering excellent value and less disruption to working processes. PETRONAS automotive lubricants are also designed to extend the active service life of vehicle parts. As a result, users can enjoy reduced maintenance and increased operational uptime, along with greater operating efficiency.

Regardless of the sector you operate in, if you are looking for automotive lubricants manufactured by PETRONAS, we can help. Browse our range below here at the Oil Store to order or contact our team today for further product information.


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Showing 1–12 of 77 results

Showing 1–12 of 77 results