CPI 4624-68-F

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Enhance the performance and reliability of your refrigeration systems with CPI 4624-68-F Refrigeration Oil. This PAO synthetic compressor oil is specifically formulated for superior performance, especially in carbon dioxide (CO2) applications. With its premium polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluid and high-performance additive package, it delivers unmatched thermal and oxidative stability across a wide temperature range.

CPI 4624-68-F is non-toxic and approved for use in food processing and packaging facilities where NSF H1-certified products are required.

Applications and Compressor Types

Designed for a variety of applications requiring a chemically and thermally stable lubricant, CPI 4624-68-F is ideal for use in flooded rotary screw compressors, rotary vane compressors, liquid ring vacuum pumps, and other demanding environments. Its compatibility with mineral oils and excellent performance characteristics make it especially beneficial for CO2 systems.

Key Features and Benefits of CPI 4624-68-F

  • Oxidatively Stable: Ensure longer system life with superior oxidative stability, preventing coking, deposit formation, and corrosion.
  • Low Volatility: Experience reduced maintenance and top-offs, contributing to increased system efficiency and lower operational costs.
  • Corrosion Protection: Enhance system reliability and minimize downtime with robust corrosion protection.
  • Food Grade Certified: NSF H1 certified, this lubricant is safe for use in food processing and packaging facilities where incidental food contact is permitted.

Choose CPI 4624-68-F Refrigeration Oil for exceptional performance and reliability in your refrigeration systems. Purchase from Oil Store today or consult with our expert team for any technical support.

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