Fuchs Ecocool Ultralife A




Fuchs Ecocool Ultralife A

Developed by Fuchs Lubricants, the Ecocool Ultralife range of oils uses the most recent technology in the metalworking fluid industry, with the concept of ?advanced coolantology? being created to describe advances.

Features and advantages of the Fuchs Ecocool Ultralife A range:

High performing lubricant

The products in this series have been developed with a number of key features in mind, including high performance in terms of lubrication and the reduction of corrosion and foaming.

A result of rigorous testing

This particular range of products was developed through research spearheaded by UK manufacturers, along with the Fuchs team of chemists and engineers, and the result is a coolant that?s described as the ?best in class? in comparison to other similar products.

Compatible with many systems

These products are compatible with modern tooling and can guarantee an improved performance under pressure, even with a lower concentration.

Resistance to bacteria growth

Ecocool Ultralife coolants were specifically developed as a response to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines that cover safely working with metalwork fluids by offering a product that has an exceptional resistance to growth of bacteria, without the need to constantly monitor and maintain machinery.

Main applications

Fuchs Ecocool Ultralife A is recommended for use across a variety of applications, with its primary application being a coolant for heavy duty machinery with aluminium alloys.

Other applications that this particular product can be used with include machinery that uses yellow metals and automotive aluminium castings.

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