Mobil ATF LT 71141


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Mobil ATF LT 71141

Mobil ATF LT 71141 is a high performance, semi-synthetic automatic transmission fluid that has been manufactured using the latest modern additive technology. This has been combined with a carefully selected batch of highly refined base oils, which allows Mobil to guarantee that it fulfils the needs of the most severe automatic vehicle gearbox by meeting the standards of all international manufacturers.

Features and advantages

Mobil products are some of the best products on the market, and are highly recommended for use by a lot of manufacturers. This is because they offer many features that prove to be beneficial to a number of different applications. These features include:

Outstanding cold properties
Mobil ATF LT 71141 gives an excellent performance at cold temperatures. This characteristic allows for a high level of performance straight from the word go as the vehicle will not need to warm up to thin the lubricant to maximise efficiency and protection.

Smooth operation
This product has been developed using a balanced set of additives that focus on enhancing the performance of the vehicle. This is done by making sure the gearbox is correctly lubricated and protected against rust and other contaminants that can affect performance. Mobil ATF LT 71141 ensures that there is a smooth transmission for a trouble-free performance.

Main applications

Mobil ATF LT 71141 is recommended for use with the vast majority of automatic transmission vehicles. It has been designed with the specific requirements of these vehicles in mind and thus makes it a perfect lubricant to use.

The product is also suitable for use on the 4HP20 and AL4 gearbox as an automatic transmission fluid.

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