Mobil DTE 22


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Mobil DTE 22

The Mobile DTE 20 series oils are highly regarded in the industry, and DTE 22 is just one of the excellently formulated oils that make up the range. Like its cousins in the series, this 22-grade oil is developed for use with hydraulic equipment in mind.

When higher pressure pumps are needed within hydraulic systems, this oil really comes into its own. It also caters to the needs of such components as numerically controlled (NC) tools

As an industry leader, Mobil knows that in hydraulic processes, it is of the utmost importance that all products involved perform to excellent standards. With DTE 22, superb results are par for the course every time, amounting to a single product complete with every characteristic needed to deliver optimum performance.

What advantages does Mobile DTE 22 offer?

Formulated for purpose

Excellent quality base oils are the bedrock for all products in the DTE 20 range, and this oil is specially formulated for hydraulic use. Its unique stabilised system creates minimal harmful desposits, lessening the effects of sludge and other corrosives.

Maintenance costs cut

Oxidation stability is the hallmark of this oil. This means that not only does it help machines work more efficiently, but also it can reduce the amount of lost time caused by their maintenance, and keep machines as clean as possible. With sludge and other deposits minimised, it makes for a longer-lasting oil and filter.

Water protection

With the level of controlled demulsibility found in DTE 22, there are no concerns about appliances coming into contact with water. In some cases, this is inevitable, and Mobil believes protection should not be compromised by it.

Leading anti-wear protection

The series leads the way when it comes to performance in severe environments, and this is what makes it so many engineers’ first choice. DTE 22 is specially formulated to achieve the ultimate anti-wear protection levels when conditions call for them.

What are the main applications of DTE 22?

DTE 22 excels when it comes to hydraulic systems, keeping deposits to a low level not achieved by some of the market’s more conventional oils.

Those familiar with working with heavy load-carrying systems will be aware of the high level of anti-wear protection needed. Luckily, this oil is a perfect fit in such cases, as well as for systems including gears and bearings, and instances where water protection is a must.

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