Mobil DTE Oil Medium – 20L


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Mobil DTE Medium

For a range of circulating oils developed with steam and hydro turbine use in mind, look no further than the Mobil DTE family. Above all, they are the lubricants to use for a longer service life.

Using top-of-the-range base stocks together with a unique blend of additives, the Mobil DTE range achieves superb levels of thermal and chemical stability. In addition, it is able to remove contaminants from water and provides protection against emulsification.

Perhaps what really makes it the pick of oils for so many sectors and industries is the level of protection it offers against rust and wear. All this is very much what you would expect from a name like Mobil, whose reputation for reliability, versatility and protection is reflected in its every product. Little wonder then that the brand has such high levels of customer satisfaction.

Why choose Mobil DTE Medium?

Industry-leading features come as standard with Mobil, and they include:

Superb protective qualities

Mobil DTE oils work extremely well across numerous applications, with their protective characteristics really shining through. These include protection against wear and long-term corrosion.

Features like these help equipment to last longer and keep operating in the most efficient way possible. With downtime and maintenance costs kept to a minimal level, organisations using this oil are likely to see an improvement in productivity.

Foaming resistance and air release qualities

With this high-quality oil, foam resistance qualities are high and deposit build-up is kept low. Pump cavitation is not an issue either, as it has excellent air release ability. With operations avoiding excess noise and erraticism, it all helps in the quest for ultimate efficiency.


With chemical and thermal stability a big part of this oil?s development, it?s an item with productivity in mind. In most circulation systems, oil lasts longer because sludge building is so rare with this product. This cuts the cost of regularly replacing the oil.

Main applications

A diverse range, Mobil DTE?s unbeatable protection qualities and versatility make it the premier choice among those in numerous sectors, who also bear in mind that the proud and reputable name of Mobil is behind the series.

The oil really comes into its own when being applied to steam turbine systems, both on land and at sea. In addition, it can be used on most gas and hydro turbines too.

With the oil being so versatile, hydraulic pumps of moderate severity can be made more productive and efficient, as can many vacuum pumps and compressors ? especially if they carry natural gas.

Choose Oil Store for Mobil DTE Medium

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