Mobil Gearlube VS500 – 20L


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Mobil Gearlube VS 500 is a fully synthetic, SAE 75W-140 rear axle oil for use in hypoid axles with fixed differentials fitted in passenger cars and off-highway vehicles. The careful balance of base oils and additives ensures Mobil Gearlube VS 500 is extremely shear stable, and prevents rust formation even during long periods of inactivity. High oxidation and thermal stability prevent the formation of harmful deposits and ensures improved oil durability and longer component life.

Mobil Gearlube VS 500 can be used as a service fill oil for the rear axles of the Opel Frontera, Isuzu Trooper, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota and other 4-wheel drive vehicles with hypoid final drives and locked differentials. It is also specified for BMW axles with limited slip differentials – MSP/A (prescribed for the Z3 Roadster).

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