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The Mobil Glygoyle range can supply users with a superior level of lubrication, particularly when used at very high temperatures. Gear, circulation and bearing systems that can prove too much for other standard mineral oils do not pose a problem for this high-performance lubricant. The formula also features built-in resistance to sludge formation and deposits, as well as supreme shear stability. These products also offer great levels of resistance to thermal degradation and oxidisation.

These oils have a very high viscosity index, as well as a low pour point, thanks to their wax free formula. They also feature much lower traction and friction coefficients than equivalent mineral-based formulations.

This makes these oils capable of delivering an exceptional performance – even when used at lower temperatures. This reliability is why they have been widely used for in excess of 25 years for some of the highest demand applications.

Mobil Glygoyle 30 is often used in severe services such as the manufacturing of compressors, the operating of plastic calendar systems, extreme heat paper machine bearing and many more.

Benefits of Mobil Glygoyle 30

These lubricants were formulated with the extreme demands of industrial equipment in mind, in circumstances where other mineral-based or synthetic products had not coped too well.

Using these lubricants can result in lower maintenance and operating costs. The sludge resistant formula lasts for longer, and its efficiency can lead to both higher production levels and a lower operating temperature. This can result in improved charge life and a lower usage of power.

The lower traction and friction coefficients of this oil can result in equipment lasting for longer. This is down to a reduction in the micro slip levels that occur when contact bearing rolling systems are operated.

Product limitations

As with other available lubricants, some limitations do apply to the Mobil Glygoyle range. The oils’ unique formula makes them incompatible with other mineral-based or synthetic oils, nor are they compatible with certain other PAG-based lubricants. These oils are hygroscopic and therefore capable of taking in more water than other mineral-based or synthetic formulas. Users must therefore take care not expose these lubricants to excessive levels of moisture.

PAG-based oils are also not compatible with the seals of synthetic or mineral-based oils. Using them against Mobil’s advice could mean the seal will shrink or swell, and this could cause either leakage or the seizing up of the seal.

Mobil Glygoyle lubricants are not compatible with alloys that contain magnesium or aluminium, although they can be used with other non-ferrous as well as ferrous materials. If they are used with equipment containing any aluminium or magnesium, this can cause additional wear.

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