Mobil Glygoyle 320 – 20L


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Mobil Glygoyle 320, and others in this range, are high performance lubricants intended for use with bearings, gears and compressors. The product has been crafted to give excellent benefits relating to equipment protection and efficiency as well as a long oil life. This oil is a synthetic PAG (Polyalkylene Glycol) and performs beyond the level of other similar products.

Mobil Glygoyle 320 features low pour points, which allows for an outstanding fluidity at low temperatures. Ranging between 150-1000 in ISO grading, Mobil Glygoyle 320 is approved for USDA/NSF H-1 foodgrade use. This product has been designed to outperform other lubricants in hydrocarbon gas compression as well as gear applications.

With worm gears, the oil’s individual properties allow more torque to be handled by reducers while lowering oil sump temperatures in most cases. The reduced temperatures result in longer seal, gearbox and oil life.

When used with gas compressors, Mobil Glygoyle 320 oil’s minimal hydrocarbon solubility allows for a reduction in dilution and rising levels of equipment protection.

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