Mobil Pegasus 1 – 20L


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Mobil Pegasus 1

As a leading performance engine oil, Mobil Pegasus 1 products have been crafted to achieve the requirements of some highly demanding high-output gas engines, which include turbocharged stoichiometric gas engines. The product is formulated using synthetic oils and a set of balanced additives, which provide performance levels that are unattainable through the more traditional mineral-based engine oils.

Advantages of Mobil Pegasus 1 include:

Exceptional anti-wear properties

Mobil Pegasus 1?s unique formulation results in the minimising of ash deposits, as well as deposits on piston lands and ring belts. The lubricant also reduces liner scuffing and wearing of the valve seat and face. As well as this, it has a strong oxidation resistance and offers a low volatility, meaning that it can help to lower oil consumption and boost the performance of valve lubrication.

Improved engine life

A potential benefit of this product is an improved engine life, which in turn leads to lower maintenance expenses and reduced fuel costs.

High viscosity index

A further benefit is the oil?s high viscosity index, which allows it to perform better at both higher and lower temperatures in comparison to other mineral oils. Its low traction coefficient provides economic and efficiency benefits in terms of speed, load and temperature conditions. It is these benefits that mean the product is often recommended for use with a wide variety of gas engine models.

Main applications

The Mobil Pegasus 1 series of products is highly recommended for a variety of gas engines, and is particularly suited to high speed and four-cycle turbocharged engines. As well as this, it is a great lubricant for both lean-burn and stoichiometric designs.

Other applications

This product is also suitable for cogeneration and ebullient cooled applications. This is because of its excellent temperature range capability, and the fact that it can give an extended protection, and in turn a long oil life.

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